How to Buy Voter List Data for the State of Texas

Did you know that until recently, it was illegal to milk someone else's cow in Texas? Fortunately, that law was removed by law in 1973, so you can now feel free to milk your neighbors cows without worrying about getting "busted". One can only wonder how that campaign comittee to repeal that law succeded.  And one might wonder, if they faced resistance from an alternate position on this issue.  

More recently, Texas had not even been considered "in play" for presidential elections as it was a strong red state. Most elections there were focused on the Republican primaries. Recently things have been changing, polarizing the politics of communities across Texas and on every level. Elections from small rural communities to big cities, from school boards to senate runs are now contests. The growth of Texas’ economy, weather and jobs have attracted many people who have migrated from other states like California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, and others are creating changes in voting preferences and behaviors. With elections happen all the time, candidates must seek competitive advantages. One certain advantage they may discover is good voter data for their canvassing efforts.

voter data list for state of Texas

With a population just below 30 million residents and just about 16 million register voters, Texas has become a state that is clearly now “in play” for several key races, like the US Senate, US Congressional seats and local statewide offices. Strangely, many people living in Texas are not yet register to voters. That presents both opportunity and challenges, to get these people registered and voting in allegiance with the competing campaigns.

WalkLists provides access to available voter data for clients running campaigns. Walklist provides data that is 100% regulatory compliant, recent, robust, accurate and competitively priced.






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Texas voters are extremely passionate about their candidates and express their passion very loud and direct. Recent elections show a lot of outside money pouring into the state to influence or “flip” established political base positions.

The state of Texas is generally recognized to be divided into seven distinct parts: East, West, North, Greater Houston, Greater Rio Grande, The Hill Country, Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The republican bastions are considered the North and East partitions. Democrats control strong positions in The Hill Country and in the West partition. Majorities outside urban centers tend to vote Republicans and a few counties with big urban populations tend to be Democratic strongholds as well.

Texas voters have diverse religious backgrounds as well. The top three popular religions among voters are Protestant Christian ~3,6M voters, Catholic Christian ~2,2M voters and Jewish voters at ~3.9K. In addition, about 9.4M voters are of other or unknown religious affiliation.

The Process to Secure Voter Data:


Step 1 – Prepare Your Goals

You need to know exactly which voters you want to focus on. We are always willing to help you understand the appropriate data filtering to get just what you need. The simplest way for us to understand your needs is to have you answer a few fundamental questions we have prepared. This will start you thinking in terms of voter behavioral patterns and demographics and document the most important considerations:

Consider these the minimum basic information and filtering criteria, along with others you may be thinking about for your specific campaign purpose:

1.) Full Name and eMail Address of Requestor

2.) Identify, by name, the Campaign requesting the data (if it exists)

3.)  Provide us with your Valid Budget expectation so we can focus on a suitable data set

4.)  Provide the specific, formal “Jurisdiction of Interest” for your data request

      - Include filtering or limiting criteria you wish to be used to process this data

            Gender, Age, Ethnicity

            Voting History

            examples: votes by mail, votes often, voted in most recent election, etc.

            Geographic, Civic, Geopolitical Boundaries

5.)  Are emails of voters a requirement?

            Available emails (unverified)

            Fully verified emails

6.) Are cell phone numbers of voters a requirement?

7.)  How urgently do you need this data delivered?


Step 2: Understand and Follow the Law

Scale Campaign and WalkLists does not and will not provide legal advice or council. It is the responsibility of the client to always understand local laws and regulations. We do insist that clients acknowledge this responsibility, and we try to provide some idea of how laws in each state exist, but we do not guarantee that our knowledge of local laws have changed. We have an approval process for anyone interested buying voter data for any state, and so is the case for Texas. Recent regulations and restrictions for Texas were (and still may or may not be) as follows:

“Identified restrictions include but are not limited to Section 18.066 of the State of Texas Election Code: (d) To receive information under this section, a person must submit an affidavit to the secretary stating that the person will not use the information obtained in connection with advertising or promoting commercial products or services.”

We ask that you to confirm in writing that you will comply with Texas regulations regarding voter data and maintain data security and safety with your actions.

Step 3: Share Your “Goals” and Information (from above) with WalkLists:

Send your answers to the questions above to WalkLists via the “Contact” page

Or share your goals via our web site chat function.

Or email us at “”

We always try to help clients from every campaign; small, or large. We pride ourselves in being as neutral and non-partisan to allow the integrity of the election process to work as intended.


To provide the best value and service to our Clients, we offer two levels of data delivery service: “express or expedited” and “standard or normal” service. For either service we will need to confirm and verify campaign identity and goals. The express service is recommended for campaigns with a small jurisdiction or a small campaign organization. The data generally cost more, but because of the small quantity of data being requested the total cost premium above standard is usually viewed as “well worth it for the faster delivery”, whereas most clients will have their data quickly, usually in same day.

The express data service provides access to voter data, cellphones, unverified emails, and voter history.

Our standard service may be more desirable to larger campaigns or individuals who can wait few days for data compilation. We always work to compile data to the best of our ability, but we rely on partners that in turn must charge us a premium for their efforts as well. For voter data and cellphone numbers only, that could be between two and four business days and unverified emails may take as much as 3 to 5 business days (based on demand and workload). Both “Standard” and “Express” services do require manual effort to produce the accuracy and format of data our clients deserve and expect.

Please review price tables for more details on voter data. For universities studying in political science (outside of and actual campaign) we also provide special academic discounts to encourage and enhance studies in the use of digital data for campaign efficiency.

More technically savvy clients may be comfortable with self-service tools that can generate data from an on-line selection request with our express service. For more details on how to order “self-serve" voter data, click here.

In addition to voter data for Texas, we also offer voter data for every USA state and the District of Columbia. We also provide a canvassing tool that can create beautiful and functional printed canvassing documentation, output in multi-page pdf files (with maps, map pin-markers and voter information included on each page) and in digital canvassing forms that are suitable for client staff’s (mobile devices) cellphones/tablets.

We also provide consumer data for all states and DC as well. If you are interested in consumer data, please let us know (note: voter data is not generally allowed to be sued for any commercial purpose and would violate the terms and conditions of the regulations noted above. Please ask us for details on availability and price for consumer data requests).

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