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Donald J. Trump for President -vs- Joe Biden for President: A Technical Comparison of Campaign Use of Internet and Social Media SEO Practices

It's time again in late 2020 for voters of The United States of America to select their president. The two major parties have nominated the candidates and now they must work to rally support. States will conduct simultaneous campaigns and elections after months of local and national efforts. This year, in 2020, President Trump and former Vice President Biden are fully engaged in their campaigns as of this writing (September 1st, 2020). Both candidates are well known public figures with their own preferences of policies, histories, styles and personalities. We will be ignoring all these policy, personality and opinion differences for this article. Instead, we offer a purely critical examination of their use of key digital footprint parameters for their official campaign web sites and score them based on purely technical merits.

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How to Buy Voter List for the State of California

Elections are happening all the time and new candidates run  for office every time somewhere. In the state of California there are 58 counties with a number of elected government positions are required by law to be sorted out via elections.
In addition, there are 53 congressional positions and couple senate once.  With thousands of candidates competing for these positions, how a campaign can distinguish itself and obtain an advantage over the other campaigns? 

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Voter Data: an item you need for a political campaign

Voter data is one of the crucial items you will need for any political campaign. After the 2016 Presidential elections, one political advisor stated that the data was dead.While he might have been mistaken, incorrect data is equal to dead data and you should not use it for your campaign, as it will influence the race.


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How to Get a List of Registered Voters

The success of political activities, including elections, research and activism, depends on voter turnout historical data, as they incorporate it in their business. The majority of the voter databases are related to the registered voters in a specific region. Every country has a clear definition of voters. In the US, registered voters are defined as those allowed to exercise their right to cast a vote as electors on a set date or using an absentee ballot. The pool of individuals is predefined, and as a result, obtaining the voter lists data provides the interested parties with the baseline for building their observations, projects and campaigns. 

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Six Steps to Prepare a Walk List for Precinct Delegate Election

A precinct delegate position is perhaps the smallest public position that register voters can run for. The position is unpaid, partisan, and it is rather common among both Republican and Democratic parties. Every state election laws and regulations include the definition of precinct delegate roles. Moreover, depending on the state, a party may decide on additional rules and regulations for precinct delegate positions. In addition, the county parties also bear the authority to regulate the rules for precinct delegates.

Registered voters who wish to become candidates for precinct delegate positions have to carefully review the laws and regulations for their particular state and county and check if they qualify for the registration.

Firstly, the candidate has to fill a form of document, which is usually issued by the state and called an affidavit of identity and receipt of filing, in order to register for the precinct delegate position. Candidates can receive this document through distribution by mail or at certain events. However, the easiest way to receive the correct document is by visiting the county clerk and asking for a copy.

Once the document is filled, the candidate needs to find the notary to certify the writing. Often, county clerks are certified notary by the state and they can certify the document for the candidate. Another option is to find a certified individual during the events for the signing precinct delegate candidate. In order to acquire the right to notarize as a signing agent, an individual does not have to be an attorney. He or she can become a signing agent through the state authorization and by paying a certain fee. 

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