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Hilary Schouten’s Path to Victory is Based on Mathematics.

Michigan's 3rd congressional district is the smallest district in Michigan by voter population and includes Grand Rapids, Muskegon, and Grand Haven, touching Lake Michigan's shores. The voter population at one point was 561,206 (Scale Campaign, L2 Data) voters before the 2022 midterm election.         

The 3rd district became recently popular nationally with the saga between representative (R) Justin Amash, President (R) Donald Trump, and later, representative (R) Peter Meijer. Eventually, the winner of all this was Hilary Schouten, whose path was already predefined.

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How to prepare canvassing campaign with Walk Lists

It is this time again when you need to have a canvassing campaign: either for your sales or none profit team or to kick a door-to-door political campaign. The following tutorial will help you organize such a canvassing campaign with ease using the WalkLists platform.

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How to Buy A Voter List for the State of Michigan

In the Great Lakes State of Michigan, election seem to happen all the time.  Michigan is a unique state of industry and natural splendor, international border with Canada and by far having the greatest quantity of fresh water than any other state.  Did you know that there is a small section of Michigan that has been isolated since the Great Toledo War of 1836?  It's on a small peninsula just north of Toledo, Ohio and surrounded by Lake Erie. In settlment of the dispute, the Toledo Strip became part of Ohio and Michigan was given statehood and the Upper Peninsula as compensation.  Differing accounts of the dispute exist, but it seems the only fatalities were some livestock that were taken by militia members for meals and a single small knife stabbing of the Monroe County, Michigan Sherrif that was non life threatening. Michigan’s 10 million residents have been blessed with many of the most valuable resources of human existence with moderate (yet cold) winters leading to beautiful, lush summers that are the envy of many from warmer climates.  Tourism is the second leading industry of the state, next to its premier heritage in technology from a long history as the automotive capitol of the world.  Governing and regulating such a national treasure is an awesome responsibility, and the citizens of Michigan take it seriously.

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How to Buy Voter List Data for the State of Texas

Did you know that until recently, it was illegal to milk someone else's cow in Texas?
More recently, Texas had not even been considered "in play" for presidential elections as it was a strong red state. Most elections there were focused on the Republican primaries. Recently things have been changing, polarizing the politics of communities across Texas and on every level. Elections from small rural communities to big cities, from school boards to senate runs are now contests. The growth of Texas’ economy, weather and jobs have attracted many people who have migrated from other states like California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, and others are creating changes in voting preferences and behaviors. With elections happen all the time, candidates must seek competitive advantages. One certain advantage they may discover is good voter data for their canvassing efforts.

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How to Buy Voter Data List for the State of Florida

In the “Sunshine State of Florida”, like all states, there is always a steady stream of election cycles for the multitude of elected positions and election issues. As soon as one cycle has ended, it seems the next campaigns begin. It should be no surprise with 21.6 million residents living in 67 counties, 27 congressional districts, countless municipal office elections, judgeships, school boards, university regents and a seemingly endless list of local proposals. With all these candidates and campaign committees competing for public attention, one might wonder how does any single campaign ever distinguish itself from all the others? It is a challenge, to be certain. Campaigns need to take advantage of everything in their power to compete.

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Donald J. Trump for President -vs- Joe Biden for President: A Technical Comparison of Campaign Use of Internet and Social Media SEO Practices

It's time again in late 2020 for voters of The United States of America to select their president. The two major parties have nominated the candidates and now they must work to rally support. States will conduct simultaneous campaigns and elections after months of local and national efforts. This year, in 2020, President Trump and former Vice President Biden are fully engaged in their campaigns as of this writing (September 1st, 2020). Both candidates are well known public figures with their own preferences of policies, histories, styles and personalities. We will be ignoring all these policy, personality and opinion differences for this article. Instead, we offer a purely critical examination of their use of key digital footprint parameters for their official campaign web sites and score them based on purely technical merits.

seo comparison - Trum vs Biden websites

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How to Buy Voter List for the State of California

Elections are happening all the time with new candidates running for offices somewhere. In the State of California there are 39.7M residents, 58 counties with many elected government positions required by law to be filled by way of a formal election. Also, there are 53 congressional positions and 2 senate seats that are subject to their length of terms, not to mention ballot proposals.  With thousands of candidates competing for these positions, how any single campaign can distinguish itself from all the others campaigns?

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Voter Data: an item you need for a political campaign

Voter data is one of the crucial items you will need for any political campaign. After the 2016 Presidential elections, one political advisor stated that the data was dead.While he might have been mistaken, incorrect data is equal to dead data and you should not use it for your campaign, as it will influence the race.


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How to Get a List of Registered Voters

The success of political activities, including elections, research and activism, depends on voter turnout historical data, as they incorporate it in their business. The majority of the voter databases are related to the registered voters in a specific region. Every country has a clear definition of voters. In the US, registered voters are defined as those allowed to exercise their right to cast a vote as electors on a set date or using an absentee ballot. The pool of individuals is predefined, and as a result, obtaining the voter lists data provides the interested parties with the baseline for building their observations, projects and campaigns. 

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Six Steps to Prepare a Walk List for Precinct Delegate Election

A precinct delegate position is perhaps the smallest public position that register voters can run for. The position is unpaid, partisan, and it is rather common among both Republican and Democratic parties. Every state election laws and regulations include the definition of precinct delegate roles. Moreover, depending on the state, a party may decide on additional rules and regulations for precinct delegate positions. In addition, the county parties also bear the authority to regulate the rules for precinct delegates.

Registered voters who wish to become candidates for precinct delegate positions have to carefully review the laws and regulations for their particular state and county and check if they qualify for the registration.

Firstly, the candidate has to fill a form of document, which is usually issued by the state and called an affidavit of identity and receipt of filing, in order to register for the precinct delegate position. Candidates can receive this document through distribution by mail or at certain events. However, the easiest way to receive the correct document is by visiting the county clerk and asking for a copy.

Once the document is filled, the candidate needs to find the notary to certify the writing. Often, county clerks are certified notary by the state and they can certify the document for the candidate. Another option is to find a certified individual during the events for the signing precinct delegate candidate. In order to acquire the right to notarize as a signing agent, an individual does not have to be an attorney. He or she can become a signing agent through the state authorization and by paying a certain fee. 

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