How to Buy Voter List for the State of California

Elections are happening all the time and new candidates run  for office every time somewhere. In the state of California there are 58 counties with a number of elected government positions are required by law to be sorted out via elections.
In addition, there are 53 congressional positions and couple senate once.  With thousands of candidates competing for these positions, how a campaign can distinguish itself and obtain an advantage over the other campaigns? 

Buy voter list San Francisco

Therefore, an ideal campaign needs sound structure, discipline and accurate and valid data. While campaign can work and improve on the structure and discipline components, getting the data is usually a one-time operation.
An awful data can set the campaign team down for the entire election cycle. Read  this article about voter data for additional details.

Consequently, there are strict regulations who and how can utilize the data for political election for the state of California. Luckily, voter list can be easily bought online.
For a start, navigate to Walk Lists, after that sign up with a valid campaign email.

Sign up with walk lists for easy hassle free campaign to buy voter list or create canvassing maps

Afterward, if you browse back to the landing(home) page, click on Buy Voter Data

Choose state to start filtering down voter data list for your campaign

From the drop down for State, try to find California. If you are a first time user and never before applied to obtain data for the state of California, click on Not Found option on the bottom.

When you cannot find the state to pull voter data click not found value

Next, the system will redirect you to a different screen.

Select state for creating voter list for your election campaign

Here, select state of California. That will open a paragraph that captures all the legal restrictions the State  of California puts on people who consume voter data.

Legal restrictions for how to use voter data for the state of California

Read extremely carefully. If needed, consult with a legal advisor if you campaign has one.
At the bottom of the paragraph there is a check box that you need to select if you agreed to the laws and regulations. That triggers an application form to open.  Fill to the best of your abilities the form fields. The information you provide here will be used to confirm that you are a legitimate campaign/candidate/nonprofit drive/PAC.
Click Send button when done.

Send us message how you are planing to use voter data if you buy it from walk lists

Your information will be sent to Walk Lists platform and it will be reviewed as soon as possible. If matches public record, rights to access the data for the state of California will be granted. You will receive an email with instructions and details.
When all set and done, you are ready to shop for the voter list.

Navigate to the landing page of Walk Lists and if you are in the same session, exit the browser session by either closing the browser and open it again , or sign out. Sign in with the email you registered.

Click on Buy Voter Data

Buy voter data with walklists

Select state of California.

That will open several jurisdiction option to pull data of.

Choose from over fifteen jurisdiction criteria for your voter list

Starting from the top, drill down and select the desired filters. For example, select 40th congressional district. That immediately will display the number of registered voters in that jurisdiction.

Select congressional district as part of filter for voter list

Afterward, you can continue selecting and filtering down your option. At any point you can check out using the shopping cart. When you are done with Jurisdiction section you can select Move to Demographics. 

Move to demographic page to order voter list

There you can further specify additional filters by age and gender.

Filter age for creating voter list

In the example, the selection is 18 to 25 years of age. Next, if you are done with demographics, click on Move to Vote history. 

Shopping cart for checking out with voter list

There you have three options to choose from:

party affiliation, Profile Voters, and Voter History.

Party affiliation represents the voter distribution by party in the current filtered selection.

Select party affiliation for creating voter list

You can select the desired values and they will be applied to the general filter criteria.

Profile Voters is a exceptionally strong filter that will filter down your selection to a especially specific issue voters care about. They either had donated their time or money or both in the past for such an issue.

Select donor or issue driven voters for your voter list data


User can choose from 24 issue driven selections. If you do not notice an option you are looking for, please contact us to find out how we can help.

The last section from the workflow is Voter History. It presents last ten years of primary, special and general elections voting records for absentees, early votes, election day votes and not voted. 

Voter history from walk lists workflow

At this point the shopping cart if prepared to check out. 

Refresh cost for voter list with walk lists

There are couple items left. You can remove from the shopping cart cell phones and/or emails or you can leave them there.
Before clicking checkout, select Show selection button to confirm that is what you desire. 


Furthermore, for how to navigate in the workflow and what options to select check this article: How to Get a List of Registered Voters

If you have questions or custom request, please contact us.

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